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The global Village

France’s candidacy to the 2025 World Expo will be like no other. Listening to the parliamentary mission’s recommendations, as well as those of the works of the students of major French schools and universities, all the while scrupulously respecting the rules set by the International Bureau of Expos, the project presented for the first time on May 3rd to the National Assembly by EXPOFRANCE 2025 reconnects with the audacity, ambition and creativity of the past great French world expos.

“We have to spark France’s folly” Erik Orsenna for EXPOFRANCE 2025

The project follows three main goals: allowing the world’s populations to share their assets, their know-hows and their cultures; having innovation and great digital levers in service of all its territories; allowing the visitors to embark on an exceptional interactive and immersive experience.

“During the industrial era the Worlds Expos were a dynamic variant of encyclopedias, in the digital age the idea is to make them the newest living vector of all the contributions that partake in the enrichment of the body of knowledge (…) Let’s make the 2025 World Expo what Wikipedia is to the encyclopedia” has declared Jean-Christophe Fromantin, President of EXPOFRANCE 2025.

The “global village” set in the heart of the Ile-de-France, will welcome between 45 and 60 million visitors. It will be the center of the World Expo and will be linked to the major French cities.

Panorama Village Global de l'Exposition universelle 2025


At the heart of the global village, the biggest globe connected to the rest of the world…

At the heart of the global village the biggest earth globe ever created – with a scale of 1/100.000th of 127m in diameter – will encourage the visitors to journey the planet while discovering territories and cultures. Web users from all over the world will be able to supplement live the contents of every country. Therefore, populations from every continent will be able to connect to the World Expo, post data and share with the visitors the assets and singularities of their territories, their cultures, their innovations and their know-how.

Inspired by Elisee Reclus’ 1900 project, this connected globe will immerse the visitor in a living immersive, interactive and totally unprecedented experience.


Vue intérieure Globe exposition universelle 2025 Vue intérieure Globe exposition universelle 2025


Around this globe, a village with an ever-changing architecture that reconnects with the values of hospitality…

Around this globe, a village will cover thirty acres. At the heart of this village every country will be treated equally and will dispose of 500 sq.m modules. These modules will be multi-purpose and evolving. They will be able to change, regroup and evolve to adapt to the high point of the Expo, events and needs of the visitors.

These modules, before of their flexible use, will exhibit a less formal architecture that will be in service of its uses, with the attention focused on the contents, the cultures and geographical contexts.

Just as in a real village, streets, avenues and squares will allow to recreate a convivial atmosphere open to the world. Communal areas (auditoriums, screening rooms, reception halls etc..) will be at the disposal of the countries for specific events. 

Around the village, gardens will welcome the visitors…

Surrounding the village gardens will spread out over twenty hectares. They will be both a contemporary interpretation of gardens “à la Française” but also various areas to welcome the public in a soothing atmosphere.

They will be an “ecological machine” on the cutting edge of biodiversity, natural decontamination techniques and recycling water.

Village global de l'exposition universelle 2025


A dozen French cities will be directly linked to the global village

True to the initial idea and to the concept of spreading the World Expo throughout all of France, the global village will directly be linked to a dozen French cities that will welcome the “thematic forums”. These forums will discuss the great universal stakes in relation with the specificities and sectors of each city (health, culture, environment, etc..). Each of these forums will also follow an immersive and collaborative model.

Lille, Strasbourg, Nancy, Marseille, Montpellier and Reims are already a part of the movement.

Beyond its very innovative approach, this World Expo configuration presents great benefits regarding sustainable development. It is very economical in land availability since it allows to carry out the project on a fifty-hectare site; it incorporates a very structured architectural landscape; it combines the physical and digital dynamics to give the visitor’s experience the most intensity by optimizing the mobility; it is from the beginning conceptualized in an effort to redevelop the site itself. 


These constructions projects have been elaborated by EXPOFRANCE based on the recommendations of the parliamentary report of November 2014 – with the help of many specialist including the CNRS immersion lab, Universcience, the IAU, the Futuroscope, the company Immersion, the mathematician Cedric Villani, and Remi Mathis former President of the Wikimedia organization – under the leadership of architects Jacques Ferrier and Pauline Marchetti, Sensual City Studio.


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